[TUHS] recreating bj.s for Unix v5

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Sat Jun 13 05:31:23 AEST 2015

    > From: Mark Longridge <cubexyz at gmail.com>

    > My first idea was to grab bj.s from 2.11BSD and assemble it the Unix v5
    > as command. That seems to generate a bunch of errors.

I saw that there's a SysIII bj.s, which is almost identical to the 2.11 one;
so the latter is probably descended from the first, which I assume is Bell
source. So I grabbed it and tried to assemble it.

The errors are because bj.s is designed to be assembled along with another
assembler source file, which contains the following routines which are
missing from bj.s:


Dunno if you're aware of this, but, the line 'as a.s b.s' _doesn't_
separately assemble a.s and b.s, rather it's as if you'd typed
'cat a.s b.s > temp.s ; as temp.s'. (This is used in the demi-enigmatic
"as data.s l.s" in the system generation procedure.)

I looked around in the sources that come with V6, and I didn't see any obvious
such file. I'm going to whip the required routines up really quickly, and see
if the results assemble/run.

I looked to see if I could steal them from the binary of 'bj' on V6, and...
it looks like that binary is totally different from this source. Let me look
into this...

    > Also other assembly source files don't seem to have .even in them.

The V6 assembler groks '.even'.


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