[TUHS] success, bj assembled and linked in Unix v5

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Sat Jun 13 06:51:32 AEST 2015

    > From: Mark Longridge <cubexyz at gmail.com>

    > OK, success...

Yeah, I just got there too, but by a slightly longer route!

(Google wasn't turning up the matches for the routines I needed, which you
found in etc.s, etc - it seems the source archive on Minnie isn't being
indexed by Google. So I wound up cobbling them together with a mix of stuff
from other places, along with stuff I wrote/modified.)

    > Probably should work on v6 and v7 as well.

Does on V6, dunno about V7.

    > It seems to work OK now.

Yes, but this is _not_ the source for the V5/V6 'bj'. (I just checked,
and the V5 and V6 binaries are identical.)

Right at the moment, I've used enough time on this - I may get back to
it later, and disassemble the V5/V6 binary and see what the original
source looks like.


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