[TUHS] Three Questions

Mark Longridge cubexyz at gmail.com
Wed Mar 25 23:16:26 AEST 2015

Ok, the first question is:

Has anyone got Unix sysv running on PDP-11 via simh?
I downloaded some files from archive.org which included the file
'sys_V_tape' but so far I haven't got anywhere with it. Looks
interesting though.

Second question is:

What is the deal with Unix version 8? Except for the manuals v8 seems
to have disappeared into the twilight zone. Wikipedia doesn't say
much, only "Used internally, and only licensed for educational use".
So can we look at the source code? Was it sold in binary form only?

Ok, now the big question:

Does anything at all exist of PDP-7 Unics? All I know about is that
there was a B language interpreter. Maybe a printout of the manual has


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