[TUHS] System III - TCP/IP

Dave Horsfall dave at horsfall.org
Mon Nov 9 00:45:18 AEST 2015

On Sat, 7 Nov 2015, Larry McVoy wrote:

> Just getting back to email (spent the day taking pictures at a hockey 
> tournament).

A typical Canadian :-)  There is only one game, and it's called Cricket; 
where else can you see a sport that can take five days, and ends up in a 


> I tend to agree with whoever said 2.11BSD.  If you have to do 16 bit and 
> you want all the goodies, 2.11BSD is where you want to be.  Back porting 
> all that stuff to System III really makes me ask the question of "why?". 
> Why bother?  I get that it could be like a mountain you want to climb, 
> if that's the case, cool.  But I never saw System III as much of a cool 
> mountain.  I think there were some cool parts, didn't the PWB and DWB 
> come form System III?  If so, those where the things I'd want to have 
> ported forward.  Other than that, what's the System III attraction?

I thought PWB (makers of "make") came from Harvard?  Other than that, Sys 
III/V was presented by suits; enough said.  System III was, well, what 
System V was going to be like...  It never had TCP/IP, only BNU (i.e. UUCP 
with a jazzed-up name).

Gahh...  I still have flash-backs to that awful "cu" command,

Perhaps it's my experience with Lionel Singer et al, but I really learned
to hate SysIII/V...

> If you actually have a need to have this work and have networking then 
> once again Clem has the right idea, grab one of those boards.  (And once 
> again I want to meet Clem in person, lot of love for the Masscomp work 
> and all his stories).


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