[TUHS] PWB contributions

Mary Ann Horton mah at mhorton.net
Tue Nov 10 08:12:42 AEST 2015

My recollection matches Clem's - I was there and I thought Eric wrote "more".
Dan was definitely there and he might have done the first version, but  
I don't recall that.  I do recall the story about MIT, and I sure that  
ITS was the inspiration.  And I recall Eric noting the space bar was  
the "next page" key (as opposed to Return which other programs  
expected) because it's the biggest key on the keyboard.

I can't take credit for pulling libtermcap (originally libtermlib) out  
of vi, Bill Joy had already done that before I took on vi and termcap.

   Mary Ann

Quoting Clem cole <clemc at ccc.com>:

> Interesting. If I run Into Eric any time soon I'll have to ask him.   
> As I recall I don't remember Dan's version but I do remember Eric's.  
> Nor do I remember Geoff hacking on it. Plus if you look at the CSRG  
> db from Kirk, the DB shows Eric as the creator. What's more Dan's  
> name is not in the man page - Eric's is.
> I wonder if this is a case where Dan wrote something specific for  
> the ADM's and the 11s and Eric did something similar more general  
> around the sametime.  FWIW: Eric had always claimed to me that he  
> wrote it and it is my memory that I got the sources from him for our  
> systems in the CAD group in Cory hall (and have never had a reason  
> to doubt him in that claim).
> I do remember more(1) was was one of the first programs that used  
> Hortons termcap library that he had pulled out of joy's vi and  
> greatly enhanced.  (Ken) Arnold then took it and created curses (for  
> Rogue actually).

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