[TUHS] About SCCS (and PWB)

Marc Rochkind rochkind at basepath.com
Tue Nov 10 09:02:44 AEST 2015

I just got on this list today, and I see that Larry McVoy asks:

"I wish Marc was on this list, be fun to chat."

I'd be happy to chime in on SCCS or early PWB questions, to the extent I
remember anything.

I did see a thread about PWB contributions in which people are trying to
sort out what came from research and what from the PWB group (under Evan
Ivie). As I recall, PWB was always based on research. Dick Haight would
install the latest research system from time-to-time, and then the
so-called "PWB UNIX" was whatever he had taken from research plus stuff we
were developing, such as SCCS. Unlike, say, Columbus UNIX, our kernel
always matched research at the system call level, so there never was such a
thing as a PWB-kernel dependency.

(I think the USG system was run quite differently: They had their own
system, and would merge improvements from research into it. I could be
wrong about this, as I never worked in the USG group.)

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