[TUHS] citation for a Bill Joy interview?

Jeremy C. Reed reed at reedmedia.net
Sun Nov 15 03:50:08 AEST 2015

I see http://archive.org/details/BillJoyInterview but the source is 
unknown. Does anyone know who conducted this interview or where it came 
from? (I tried to contact the archive years ago but didn't hear back.)

Most of the stories I have alternative sources for but I'd like to cite 
some of this content in a book I am authoring.

Also it doesn't seem to have a starting place. It appears the beginning 
of the interview is missing. (Also it has eight sections marked with 
"[Skipped portion you requested.]" and 27 page breaks.)

It appears it may have been OCR'd (Exacfiy = Exactly, correcfiy = 
correctly, f'mally = finally, f'md = find, f'n'st = first, llliac = 
ILLIAC, Riogin = Rlogin, HTrP: = HTTP: and many other OCR-like typos), 
plus misspelled names where the originally typed wrong (so I assume the 
transcriber wasn't directly related to this story, like deck = DEC, 
Favory = Fabry, Gerwitz = Gurwitz, "E-bid(?) ASCH" = maybe EBCDIC to 

If anyone knows the source for this interview or a proper bibtex entry 
for it, I'd appreciate it.

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