[TUHS] Porting 2.11 BSD

Oliver Lehmann lehmann at ans-netz.de
Sat Nov 21 23:00:22 AEST 2015


I wanted to at least give it a try porting 2.11 BSD to my Z8001
machine. I din't really wrote any kernel part until now so it
will be a huge learning curve for sure. No idea what my spare
time permits, but... at least I'm planning giving it a try.

I didn't found something like "thing you should do first when
porting 2.11 BSD to another architecture" online so I thought
myself... maybe it would be good to start with the standalone
utilities - more precisely with "disklabel".

Is there a good "HOWTO" for "first things first" as implementing
disklabel seems to require quite some "device work" before the
first "hello world" is there - is there something else which
should be could be done first and does not require so much to
port (the whole disk subsystem on that machine is different
from "usual" disk subsystems as it is handled via a PIO)

Regards, Oliver

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