[TUHS] From BWK on contributor names

Mary Ann Horton mah at mhorton.net
Sat Sep 26 01:02:12 AEST 2015

I recall him at a Usenix conference giving his email address as 
research!greg at Berkeley, which made perfect sense to most people but was 
actually ambiguous.

On 09/25/2015 07:52 AM, John Cowan wrote:
> Aharon Robbins scripsit:
>> | >> Greg Chesson
>> |
>> | Can't remember whether it was grc or greg
> He was greg at atheros.com, so probably greg.  Unfortunately, he died last
> January.  Google held a Greg Chesson Musical Memorial Celebration:
> video at <http://vimow.com/us/watch/x327h06_Greg+Chesson+Memorial+Musical+Celebration+@Google+Coffee+Lab>

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