[TUHS] update on Bell System Technical Journal family archives

Nelson H. F. Beebe beebe at math.utah.edu
Wed Sep 30 00:29:01 AEST 2015

In late 2010, I released decade-specific bibliographies of the Bell
System Technical Journal (BSTJ) at


(change .bib to .html for versions with live hyperlinks).

I get weekly status reports for the hundreds of bibliographies in the
archives to which the bstj*.bib files belong, and until recently, I'd
been puzzling about the apparent cessation of publication of the Bell
Labs Technical Journal (its current name) in March 2014.

I now understand why: according to the Wiley Web site for the journal,
ownership and the archives have been transferred to IEEE, effective
with volume 19 (2014).

The bstj2010.bib file has accordingly been updated today with coverage
of (so far, only four) articles published by IEEE in volume 19.  [The
first of those is a 50-year retrospective on the discovery of the
Cosmic Microware Background that provided some of the first solid
evidence for the Big Bang theory of the origin and evolution of the
universe, and led to the award of the 1978 Nobel Prize in Physics to
Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson.  The article also includes a timeline
of important Bell Labs developments, and Unix is listed there.]

Older list readers may remember that a lot of the early research
publications about Unix appeared in the BSTJ issues, so this journal
should have considerable interest for TUHS list users, and the move of
the archives from Wiley to IEEE may make the back issues somewhat more
accessible outside those academic environments that have library
subscriptions for Wiley journals in electronic form.

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