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Clem Cole clemc at ccc.com
Sat Apr 2 00:41:43 AEST 2016

On Fri, Apr 1, 2016 at 4:01 AM, Diomidis Spinellis <dds at aueb.gr> wrote:

> Thank you Clem!
​Most welcome.​

> I added your description of the fsck birth to the repository creation
> source code.
​Thank you.​

> I'll also work on injecting the fsck (and SCCS) source code with the
> correct authorship between BSD-3 and BSD-4. Both made their appearance
> during that time via CSRG SCCS.
​If I can find and read some old mag tapes with sources, I'll try to get
you earlier dates to put into your records.  I'll take that off line.​

> This is the first CSRG fsck SCCS commit.
> Author: Kirk McKusick <mckusick at ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU>
> Date: Thu Aug 27 06:47:37 1981 -0800

​1981 -- That makes sense...   I would come to UCB in September of '81, but
IIRC wnj had spent the summer before @ research; where Ted spent his
summers also.   Ted had came to CMU in '76 I believe and developed what
would become fsck that year on the EE Digital Lab's 11/34

@ CMU, later in '76, EE & Bio Med got an Unix machine of some flavor, as
did Mellon Institute (which would be the system with the first commercial
UNIX license for a University).     fsck did not make it over to CS to the
11/40e's until later probably '78, likely by dvk who was not EE but common
with me @ Mellon.

I took it with me to Tektronix in '79.    I think Wayne (an CMU EE UNIX
hacker) took his Hawaiian shirts to Cambridge, MA in '78, so that's about
the time it would have made it to MIT.

The important point is that fsck was 4-5 years old by the time it made it
to UCB and was already migrating to other places via sneaker-net.

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