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Pat Barron patbarron at acm.org
Sat Apr 2 07:52:35 AEST 2016

On 3/31/2016 5:06 PM, Clem Cole wrote:
> I've rehashed this here before... I'd really like to put this to bed 
> (Dioxides Spinellis -- it would be great if you could put this some 
> where in you files so it does not get lost).
> I'll restate the history of fsck for my friend and one time lab 
> partner, Ted Kowalski - aka research!frodo or frodo at ece.cmu.edu 
> <mailto:frodo at ece.cmu.edu> as Ted passed a few years ago and can not 
> do this for himself.
> [...]

This is really great - thanks from me on this, also!

I missed all of this at CMU by several years.  By the time I got there, 
dvk was at the Software Engineering Institute (which is where I was, so 
that's how I met him), and as far as I am aware, the PDP-11's were 
mostly long gone, except for a few that were used as routers (I had an 
11/34a that we used as our router from the SEI building back to Wean Hall).

Sort of a bummer I missed out on a lot of the fun.  ;-)  I think the 
only thing interesting I did while I was there, Unix-wise, was getting 
the 4.3BSD DEQNA driver working with the DELQA - I gave those changes 
for a few people elsewhere that asked for them, but I can't even find 
them myself anymore....

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