[TUHS] The History of Unix

Diomidis Spinellis dds at aueb.gr
Fri Dec 2 18:09:12 AEST 2016

Thank you Angus for your kind words.

As a reminder, if your current GitHub account is not linked to your past 
Unix contributions, (you can search them through 
http://www.spinellis.gr/cgi-bin/namegrep.pl), associate your past email 
(e.g. clemc at ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU) with your current account through your 
GitHub account settings https://github.com/settings/emails. (Contact me 
for instructions on how to add email addresses to which you no longer 
have access.)

An extended description of the Unix history repository has now been 
published by the "Empirical Software Engineering" journal.  You can find 
my self-archived preprint at
(The official version is available through 

On 02/12/2016 06:25, Angus Robinson wrote:
> I am sure there must have been an email about this if so, I do apologies.
> The below link is from Diomidis Spinellis work, I remember seeinng an
> email from him a few months ago requesting some information about the
> history of BSD. Looking at it, he has done some amazing work. I look
> forward to playing with 386BSD!
> https://github.com/dspinellis/unix-history-repo

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