[TUHS] Dennis' Draft of the Unix Timesharing System: not so draft?

Warren Toomey wkt at tuhs.org
Sun Dec 18 08:34:16 AEST 2016

All, I'm writing a paper based on my June 2016 talk on PDP-7 Unix. As part
of that I was looking at the BCPL -> B -> NB -> C history. And as part of
that, I was reading Ken's B manual, written in 1972:


Then I noticed at the end Ken refers to:

	Ritchie, D.M.  The UNIX Time Sharing System.  MM 71-1273-4.

which makes me think that the draft version Doug McIlroy found
(now at http://www.tuhs.org/Archive/PDP-11/Distributions/research/McIlroy_v0/UnixEditionZero-Threshold_OCR.pdf)
must have made it into a full memorandum.

Given that we  have the memorandum number, does anybody know if it
would be possible to find it in the archives from what was Bell Labs?

Cheers, Warren

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