[TUHS] Unix v6 File System information

John Cowan cowan at mercury.ccil.org
Mon Feb 22 03:21:01 AEST 2016

Dave Horsfall scripsit:

> Somewhere, deep within Minnie's bowels, there might be a paper that I 
> wrote upon implementing a "bad block" system (specifically directed at the 
> RK-05, but generally applicable to any device); it involved the hitherto- 
> unused inode "0", to which were chained the bad blocks (added by hand).

The RSX-11 file system, later known as ODS-1, was similar in this respect:
the root directory contained entries for the bad-block file (BADBLK.SYS),
the inode-file-equivalent (INDEXF.SYS) and even itself (000000.DIR).

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