[TUHS] Missing pages in Berkeley_Unix_History.pdf

markus schnalke meillo at marmaro.de
Tue Jan 12 18:12:53 AEST 2016


Yesterday, I came across the file Berkeley_Unix_History.pdf on
my disk. It contains scanned articles of UNIX Review January 1985,
October 1985 and January 1986. Searching the web brought up this
online location for the file:

I read the articles for the first time and had a great time doing
so. Especially the ``Berkeley Underground'' article was pure fun!
Here, have some impression:

		We modified the kernel to
	support asynchronous I/O, distri-
	buted files, security traces, "real-
	time" interrupts for subprocess
	multitasking, limited screen
	editing, and various new system
	calls. We wrote compilers, ass-
	emblers, linkers, disassemblers,
	database utilities, cryptographic
	utilities, tutorial help systems,
	games, and screen-oriented ver-
	sions of standard utilities. User
	friendly utilities for new users that
	avoided accidental file deletion,
	libraries to support common
	operations on data structures
	such as lists, strings, trees, sym-
	bol tables, and libraries to perform
	arbitrary precision arithmetic and
	symbolic mathematics were other
	contributions. We suggested im-
	provements to many system calls
	and to most utilities. We offered to
	fix the option flags so that the dif-
	ferent utilities were consistent
	with one another.
		To Us, nothing was sacred,
	and We saw a great deal in UNIX
	that could stand improvement.
	Much of what We implemented, or
	asked to be allowed to implement,
	is now a part of System V and 4.2
	BSD; others of our innovations are
	still missing from all versions of
	UNIX. Despite these accom-
	plishments, it seemed that
	whenever We asked The Powers
	That Be to install Our software
	and make it available to the rest of
	the system's users, We were
	greeted with stony silence.

Unfortunately, the scan is not complete as some pages are
missing. For example, page 43 (the title page of the mentioned
article) is among them.

Does anyone know where to get the full articles?


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