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Alas, Mike was a tale teller and pretty good at it.   It’s not surprising (to me) that there may be some inconsistencies to his stories (especially when recounted in informal settings).

I remember the Norway meeting.    Mike actually wanted to send me in his place.   The reason he was invited was that at the time he was maintaining an e-mail journal called the TCP-IP-DIGEST.    Even though he’d pretty much delegated the IP stuff over to me (he had a ton of irons in the fire:   high performance computing, computer graphics, etc..>), the powers that be decided that they didn’t want a substitute.   The outgrowth of that meeting was that the a new GADS (Gateway Architecture and Data Structures) under Dave Mills’s leadership would form which I attended until they morphed it into the IETF (which technically had its first meeting at the GADS meeting it was formed though I hosted the first REAL meeting at BRL shortly thereafter).

The bugs that you posted aren’t the ones I was referring to.    This may indeed be when Mike offered UCB the ping source, but I’m fairly sure my story of the original version is accurate.    We needed at least a rudimentary ping to verify the system after Louis Mamakos crashed us trying to ping us.    I do know Mike made a number of mods over time to set sizes, etc… but the basic functionality of sending a ping once a second and waiting asynchronously for the responses was there from the start.

Another program called ttcp that he wrote never got immensely popular but we used it for throughput testing as well.
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