[TUHS] History repeating itself (was: Unix v6 problem with /tmp)

scj at yaccman.com scj at yaccman.com
Sun Jul 31 09:50:56 AEST 2016

A "standard" 80-column punched card held 80 12-bit columns, or 120 bytes.
1000 cards stacked up took roughly a foot, to get 120,000 bytes
So to store a megabyte would take about 8 1/3 feet of cards.
A gigabyte would be over a mile and a half high.
A terabyte would be over 1500 miles high (half the width of the USA)
A petabyte stack would be over six times the distance to the moon...

Exponential growth may seem like business as normal today, but in reality,
it boggles the mind...


>> Of course, those cards take time to fill and empty, which should be
>> part of the bandwidth computation.

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