[TUHS] Again about etymology: rc

Jeremy C. Reed reed at reedmedia.net
Thu Mar 24 07:14:55 AEST 2016

On Wed, 23 Mar 2016, Rocky Hotas wrote:

> "The rc command appeared in 4.0BSD" (from HISTORY).

I see that history added in the CSRG sccs revision 6.2 on 91/03/16. I 
don't know why it says that as it was in 3BSD too. The /etc/rc concept 
wasn't new in 4BSD.

The script was rewritten though for 4BSD to be used for "autoboot". Init 
was extended to run /etc/rc to do a fsck if not booting single user 
mode. (And if the fsck failed it could go into single user mode.)

The history should be fixed to be more clear about.

(For fun, read the usr/man/man0/changes from 4.0BSD about autoboot and 

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