[TUHS] Teletype simulator?

Steffen Nurpmeso steffen at sdaoden.eu
Sat Mar 26 07:56:05 AEST 2016

Diomidis Spinellis <dds at aueb.gr> wrote:
 |In the late 1970s or early 1980s I worked over a summer in a repair shop 
 |for equipment manufactured by the German company Kienzle Apparate GmbH. 
 |Their keyboards were a marvel of electromechanical engineering. When a 
 |key was pressed the remaining keys were *physically locked*, preventing 
 |a second key from getting pressed. This was supposed to provide the 
 |operators with tactile feedback when they accidentally pressed more than 
 |one key. Maybe gratuitous over-engineering, such as this, contributed to 
 |the company's decline and the eventual takeover by Manessmann (1981) and 

I think you mean Mannesmann.  (But man-eat-man is indeed nice,
though the hectical meltdowns and incorporations of entire
companies for a little bit of revenue for unknown reasons is
pretty common.  Maybe cutting off history might be an idea, the
Khmer Rouge went the same direction, did they.  (Really correct
would be manissmann/maniƟmann, then, as in man-eat!-man...))

 |then DEC (1991).

I wish Christians a nice Easter feast.


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