[TUHS] Is the Teletype the unsung hero of Unix?

Steve Nickolas usotsuki at buric.co
Sat Mar 26 18:33:03 AEST 2016

On Sat, 26 Mar 2016, Greg 'groggy' Lehey wrote:

> On Saturday, 26 March 2016 at  0:30:42 -0400, Steve Nickolas wrote:
>> That said, just yesterday I was wondering what the heck
>> "TANGALA.BAS" on my hard drive was.  (It was a TANdy 1000 program
>> that played the startup jingle from GALAga.)
> http://xkcd.com/1360/

Too true.  And that's why I have 5 nearly full multi-terabyte hard drives.


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