[TUHS] RIP Dennis Ritchie

Brantley Coile brantleycoile at me.com
Fri Oct 14 00:54:27 AEST 2016

I think of Dennis almost daily, maybe because I program in C daily. 

I miss him. I would always seek him out at conferences for a chat and get his opinion on things. The power of his mind and his creative powers were exceeded only by his gentlemanliness. He was that rare combination of qualities, high functioning theoretical and practical, architect and builder, designer and coder. I learned to truly program from a combination of reading Dennis and Ken’s code (I can tell them apart) and reading Brian’s prose.

At SouthSuite our Plan 9 authentication server is named “dmr.”

  Brantley Coile

> On Oct 13, 2016, at 2:04 AM, Diomidis Spinellis <dds at aueb.gr> wrote:
> Wired is currently listing the 2011 article reporting the death of Dennis Ritchie as the second most popular one.  dmr left this world of transient bits exactly five years ago.
> On 13/10/2016 08:43, Paul Osborne wrote:
>> Wired is reporting this morning that Dennis has passed away.
>> :(
>> Paul

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