[TUHS] Booting PDP-11's from RX02's

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Sat Oct 29 23:15:49 AEST 2016

So, I'm winding up to boot Unix V6 from an RX02 floppy. So I need two things:

- Details of how DEC ROM bootstraps boot from RX02's. I vaguely recall seeing
documentation of this somewhere (e.g. which sectors it loads, etc), but now I
can't find it. Don North has dumps of the RX02 ROM's, but I'm too lazy to read
through the code and figure out how they work. Is there some documentation
which covers it? I did a quick Google search, but if there is anything out
there, my Google-fu was inadequate.

- Did anyone ever do an RX02 driver for the V6 disk bootstrap? (Well, I guess
a V7 driver would work, too.) Note: what I need is _not_ either i) the Unix OS
driver for the RX02 (I found one of those already), or ii) a driver for the v7
standalone second-stage bootstrap (which would probably be in C). The thing
I'm looking for would be called rx.s, or something like that. Yes, I could
write it, but again, I'm lazy! :-)


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