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Mary Ann Horton mah at mhorton.net
Sun Sep 11 04:40:11 AEST 2016

Well, the list is a fuzzy memory, but thanks to a great guy who read in 
my magtapes, I was able to go back and UTSL.

Here is the list, minus the various copies and stubs.  The definitions 
were written in a notation I made up called Language Description 
Language (LDL)

  * ada.ldl (DOD language for embedded systems)
  * asple.ldl (A Simple Programming Language Example, ACM Computing
    Surveys 6/76.  This was useful for getting the semantic checking
  * c.ldl   (no typedef or cpp)
  * expr.ldl (a simple expression language)
  * ldl.ldl (the Language Description Language itself)
  * lisp.ldl
  * pascal.ldl
  * rigel.ldl (a database language from UCB)
  * text.ldl (plain text)

One of these days in My Copious Free Time, I hope to get this beast 
"BABEL" running again.  It was painfully slow on a Vax, but it might be 
OK on today's hardware.

     Mary Ann

On 09/09/2016 06:59 PM, Nemo wrote:
> On 9 September 2016 at 17:15, Mary Ann Horton <mah at mhorton.net> wrote (in part):
>> When I was at Berkeley working on my dissertation, I wrote a tool that would
>> let you edit a text file written in any language you could define with a
>> grammar, with syntax and semantic error checking while you edited.  I had
>> grammars for several popular (in 1980) languages.
> My curiosity is piqued.  What were these languages?
> N.

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