[TUHS] Anyone know what a LANTERN is?

Paul Ruizendaal pnr at planet.nl
Fri Jul 28 21:46:40 AEST 2017

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> Subject: [TUHS] Anyone know what a LANTERN is?
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> There is a character in the terminfo/curses alternate character set,
> ACS_LANTERN, which is mapped to "i" in the VT100 alternate grapical
> character set. This character is, in fact, on a real VT100/VT220 (and
> therefore in most modern terminal emulators that support the full ACS),
> "VT" (in 'control character picture' format, along with HT FF CR LF NL).
> The ASCII mapping uses "#", and some CP437/etc mappings map it to the
> double box drawing intersection character.
> Was there ever a real 'lantern' character? The manpage mentions "some
> characters from the AT&T 4410v1 added". What did it look like?

There's two references in the termcap manpages:

The second link mentions that the AT&T 4410 terminal added this glyph in the location of the VT100 VT glyph. Apparently what it looked like is lost, unless someone finds a detailed 4410 manual (or has a working one in the attic).

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