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> On Thu, Apr 5, 2018, at 17:38, Bakul Shah wrote:
> > May be case itself is such a historical artifact?  AFAIK all non-roman
> > scripts are without case distinction.
> Greek and Cyrillic both have cases. And the Hiragana/Katakana distinction
> in Japanese is similar to case in some ways (including limited computer
> systems using only one)

Really? Those must be quite old as everything I've seen has both. But the
difference between kata and kana is much larger than upper and lower case.
It is rare to convert one to another as they are used to write different
things. Only to look things up in a dictionary would you convert, and then
you'd also be converting kanji to...

In Roman languages, very little is changed with all caps, though a few
things become ambiguous depending on the language...

In Japanese, it could turn some foreign loan word into a native word with a
totally different meaning...


> Full list of scripts in unicode that have case distinctions (based on
> analyzing character names): Adlam, Armenian, Cherokee, Coptic, Cyrillic,
> Deseret, Georgian, Glagolitic, Greek, Latin, Old Hungarian, Osage, and
> Warang Citi.
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