[TUHS] CTIX Provenance

Lyndon Nerenberg lyndon at orthanc.ca
Fri Apr 20 13:23:07 AEST 2018

The recent Empress and earlier PC[67]300 conversations have churned my 
failing memory to catch up on the CTIX versions I ran throughout the 

I (sort of) remember 5.x and 6.x as being the releases we faced.  The 5.x 
ones were derived from SVR1 IIRC.  When 6.x arrived, SVR2+ was the order 
of the day, but I don't recall much or anything of SVR3 creeping in. 
Certainly no RFS or the like.  And Convergent wasn't shy about letting 
bits of Berkeley code sneak in when that made sense.

I think the UUCP code got a significant update between 5 and 6.  Didn't 
the 5.x uucico have the "window > 3 == core dump" bug?  By 6.x I recall it 
grew 'G' protocol (at least).

Any ex-Convergent hacks on the list who can fill in the blanks?


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