[TUHS] rm command

Doug McIlroy doug at cs.dartmouth.edu
Thu Apr 26 12:19:46 AEST 2018

> Google didn't seem to turn up much on TML

Perhaps because there was no TML. I suspect you mean TMG,
which I implemented from scratch, based on Bob McClure's 
original, on both PDP 8 and PDP 11 Unix. Bob Morris and
I used it to make EPL, the "early PL/I" compiler for

Off topic, but TMG on the GE 635, usedto buld Multics
got there via quite an Odyssey. Bob McClure created it 
for the CDC 1604. He tranliterated it by hand from 1604
assembly language to IBM 7090 and sent the green coding
sheets to me. Debugging it was an unusual exercise: I 
knew the logic was right; allI had to do was ferret
out mistranslations. The most prevalant problem was
confusion between CLA (signed load) and CAL (unsigned).
When we decided to do EPL, Clem Pease mechanically
reproduced a 7090 inside a Ge 635, by defining 7090
instructions as macros--sometimes quite hairy, but 
they worked.


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