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> I did just that. The National Bureau of Standards picked it up
> in NBS Handbook 131, "Using ANS FORTRAN" (1980). It is expressed
> in the same formalism that Burroughs used for Algol.
> Doug

  a couple of more data points:

  Arthur Sale wrote an article on classifying fortran statements,
  Volume 14 Number 1 of the Computer Journal that describes how to
  classify fortran statements into 1 of 36 types.


  by using the above, you can do some preprocessing to correct spacing,
  line continuations, remove sequence numbers (cols 73-80) and other
  formatting to make parsing easier.
  John Levine wrote a ftn77 subset parser using lex and yacc (the shar
  file that I have is dated Nov 1988). 

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