[TUHS] > there is no way that FORTRAN can be described in any syntax

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> On 12/3/18, Ron Young <rly1 at embarqmail.com> wrote:
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> >   John Levine wrote a ftn77 subset parser using lex and yacc (the shar
> >   file that I have is dated Nov 1988).
> >
> Just curious--what parts of Fortran 77 did he leave out?

	not sure... I'll check when I get home.
> Yes, full Fortran can be expressed in BNF and other formal syntax
> mechanisms.  But I don't think you can use lex and yacc to generate a
> compiler for it.

	agreed... but if you use Sale's classifier, you can insert
	whitespace to convert the input to something that lex/yacc can
	handle. Although in practice, using a hand-written lexer or
	a state machine (like open-watcom IIRC) would probably be the
        way to go.

> -Paul W.

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