[TUHS] Deleted lib1 and lib2 in v6, recoverable?

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Sun Dec 30 00:13:56 AEST 2018

    > From: Warren Toomey

    > I just tried it here. I had to do:
    > ...
    > ar r ../lib1 *.o
    > ...
    > to get them to rebuild. Otherwise, I had empty libraries.

Duhh. I never noticed the missing "*.o"!

I wonder how that one slipped through? Looking at 'run', it really does look
like it was used to prepare the systems on the distribution tape. So probably
the libraries just happened to already hold the latest and greatest, so that
error had no effect.

The thing with needing to order the library contents properly to cause all the
modules to get loaded is, I reckon, the reason why 'ar' has those arguments to
specify where in the archive a given file goes.


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