[TUHS] Any Good dmr Anecdotes?

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Another DMR memory.   We typically worked in the "Unix Room" up in
the attic, where there were a number of terminals and (at the time)
one phone line.  I remember overhearing Dennis talking on the phone
quite patiently with a guy from another location who wanted some
feature added to C or Unix (don't remember which).  Dennis explained
several time why the feature was difficult to implement, wouldn't
solve his problem, and could, in some cases, lock up the operating
system.   The guy on the other end kept arguing.   Finally Dennis
suggested that he arrange a meeting so we could better understand the
problem and get some other ideas on how to solve it.   "Oh, I
couldn't do that!  We have to make a decision by 5PM today!"   
Dennis sighed and said "You mean, this problem is so important and
urgent that you don't have time to think about it?"

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 In the early 1980s my girlfriend (now my wife) and I were visiting
 Bell Lab's Murray Hill research facility where a friend of mine
 worked. My friend had nothing to do with Unix, but I asked him
 to take us by the area where the Unix work was being done.

 What my wife still remembers to this day is when we saw Dennis
 Ritchie sitting at a terminal, with about 7 guys surrounding him.
 They were all giggling loudly at something on the screen. My wife
 couldn't understand what could be so funny to cause all those guys to
 react that way.

 Jon Forrest

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