[TUHS] Any Good dmr Anecdotes?

Norman Wilson norman at oclsc.org
Mon Jul 2 02:35:46 AEST 2018

Greg Lehey:

  No, that was Peter Weinberger, as dmr confirmed.  There's quite a
  story behind what happened to the stencil.  I'll let Warren tell it,
  but if you want to cheat, check


There are many stories behind the use and abuse of Peter's
face.  The canonical source is


spinroot.com belongs to Gerard Holzman, who was involved
with many creative uses of digitized photography during
my time at the Labs.  (Also much work on software reliability,
which he now pursues at JPL.)

The org chart with every face replaced by Peter's was on
the wall of the UNIX Room when I first visited 1127 in
February 1984.  I suspect it appeared not long after Peter
became a department head, but I don't know just when that

Peter didn't really take the alleged glory of being a
department head all that seriously, just the responsibilities.
One of the official glories was that Department Heads were
supposed to get carpet in their offices, atop the standard
linoleum tiles.  Peter didn't want it, and (as he told me
the story later) had to argue with Facilities a lot not to get it.
Somehow this resulted in a trophy: a small square of carpet
stuck to the wall outside his office.

Norman Wilson
Toronto ON

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