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On 2018-03-21 14:48, Paul Winalski<paul.winalski at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 3/20/18, Clem Cole<clemc at ccc.com>  wrote:
>> Paul can correct me, but I don't think DEC even developed a Pascal for TOPS
>> originally - IIRC the one I used came from the universities.   I think the
>> first Pascal sold was targeted for the VAX.  Also, RT11 and RSX were
>> 'laboratory' systems and those systems were dominated by Fortran back in
>> the day - so DEC marketing thought in those terms.
> DEC did do a Pascal for RSX.  I don't remember if it supported RT11 or
> RSTS.  DEC did a BASIC compiler for RSTS and RSX.  RSX and especially
> RT were designed mainly for real-time process control in laboratories.

DEC did both COBOL, DIBOL, PASCAL, FORTRAN (-IV, -IV-PLUS, -77), C as 
well as Datatrieve for RSX and RSTS/E. Some of these were also available 
for RT-11. Admittedly, the C compiler was very late to the game.

>     A lot of the programming was in assembler for efficiency reasons
> (both time and space).

Yes. And MACRO-11 is pretty nice.


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