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Marcus Merighi mcmer-tuhs at tor.at
Sat Sep 1 02:07:14 AEST 2018


against my plan to stay under my rock and learn from your messages I now
have to speak up, because I stumbled over this:


which speaks of


(after some puzzled searching for a client I found out that lynx still
supports gopher)

This site has the following list in its root directory:

4.4BSD-Lite FreeBSD LSI NetBSD OpenBSD UnixArchive ancient-unix
desktopbsd dragonflybsd ghostbsd kde kde-applicationdata kś linux-alsa
linux-archlinux linux-atm linux-bipv6 linux-blackarch linux-bluehawk
linux-cbq.init linux-cryptoapi linux-documentation linux-dret
linux-e2compr linux-fido linux-gentoo linux-gentoo-portage linux-inner
linux-iproute linux-linos linux-net-tools linux-norlug linux-nvidia
linux-nvidia.old linux-nvidia.old2 linux-openvz linux-packware
linux-pcmcia linux-radvd linux-raspbian linux-reiserfs linux-rtlinux
linux-sgi linux-silo linux-slackware linux-sparc linux-superrescue
linux-tsx-11 linux-uk linux-usagi linux-uw-linux linux-vectorlinux
linuxberg nexenta openindiana opensolaris pcbsd solaris-10
solaris-cd-fsn solaris-cd-pm solaris_i86pc solaris_sparc sun-fixes
sun-patches www.tazenda.demon.co.uk

I descended into the OpenBSD directory, where things look quite
authentic, at a first glance.

Please keep the stories coming, Marcus

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