[TUHS] RetroNet…

Dave Horsfall dave at horsfall.org
Sat Sep 1 09:25:09 AEST 2018

On Thu, 30 Aug 2018, Cornelius Keck wrote:

> Flat rate local toll and long distance is fairly prevalent in the US. 
> International long distance is a different story. How does that look 
> like elsewhere, who has a metered land-line?

For any Aussie members, I get free local calls on my plan i.e. anywhere in 
the "02" call area.  I even have a server with genuine serial ports, but 
the latter will change if/when I get a Raspberry Pi.

No modem, though, and I need to see if I can get a second "line" on my NBN 
fibre (to the premises) connection to accept dial-in, and whether modems 
will actually work (it's implemented as VoIP in the router).

(I have tried subscribing to the "retro" list, but nothing heard yet.)

-- Dave

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