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> On Sat, 1 Sep 2018, John P. Linderman wrote:
> > PL/I was a language designed by a committee, and it showed. [...]
> I have never seen a full-blown PL/I compiler (only subsets), and I recall
> being told that there never will be one because it is simply impossible,
> given the spec.
> Naturally I am happy to be proven wrong on this.
AM83 Multics PL1 Reference Manual, pg 1-1: "Multics PL/I is closely related
to American National Standards Programming Language PL/I. ... ANSI
X3.53-1976... For a complete description of the differences between Multics
PL/I and Standard PL/I, see Appendix A of the PL/I Language Specification."

Appendix A, pp A-1 to A-4:

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-- Dave
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