[TUHS] RetroNet…

Dave Horsfall dave at horsfall.org
Tue Sep 4 09:01:47 AEST 2018

On Mon, 3 Sep 2018, Ed Carp wrote:

> Wow, that takes me back quite a ways. I think I've still got my UUCP 
> setup somewhere on a backup. UUCP works great over anything from ssh 
> over tcpip to 1200 baud half-duplex packet connections.

If you're referring to "Amateur" i.e. "ham radio" packet radio than yes, 
I'm told that it works great i.e. half-duplex -> large data -> short ACK.

> Fond memories.

Heh heh - I once ran *raw* Xmodem over packet i.e. not encapsulated in 
that protocol-from-hell AX.25 i.e. technically illegal[*]; it worked great 
until a packet was lost (the "hidden transmitter" problem) and the various 
timeouts concerned (Xmodem vs. the TNCs themselves) went completely 


Stuff the legality; isn't Amateur radio all about experimentation?  But we 
did announce on that frequency that we were about to conduct an 
experiment.  And whoever designed AX.25 (yes, I have studied it in great 
detail) must've been on something at the time...  Protocol layers? 
What's that?

-- Dave (VK2KFU)

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