[TUHS] unix svr1 install docs

Angelo Papenhoff aap at papnet.eu
Thu Sep 20 06:03:36 AEST 2018

On 19/09/18, Jacob Ritorto wrote:
> Cool, Angelo, thank you - your writeup was the only hint I'd found and I
> did manage to follow along and get it to run in the emulator.  Was there a
> source you referred to in figuring out how to do what you did?  I imagine
> there's an original AT&T doc out there somewhere that'd describe the whole
> install process for real iron.

I think I just did mostly the same as I did for installing System III,
which comes with documentation. It's really simple, just follow the
prompts to install the base system and then extract the extra cpio

BTW, if anyone has SysVR1 for VAX, I'd like to add this to my site as


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