[TUHS] The origin of /home

Cág ca6c at bitmessage.ch
Fri Sep 28 06:42:37 AEST 2018

Thanks for such an interesting and informative answer, Mr. Cross.

Dan Cross wrote:

> 4.4BSD had a convention of placing user home directories in /a, /b,
> etc.

Do I understand it correctly: they were in just "slash a/b/etc" in
root? Not /home/a or /usr/a but just /a?

> 4.4BSD-Lite also had /var/users.

Was it /var/users/$(user) or /var/$(user)?

To everyone: thanks for all the answers, it's always interesting to read
such things. I try not to miss a single mail after signing up for the

This question actually came up long ago when I first tried Plan 9,
which, as you know, has the directory in /usr, and it was released in
90s, after 4.4BSD. Of course, Plan 9 is(not) (Research) Unix, and
doesn't have a root user, and apparently has a different rationale
behind it -- if I'm not mistaken, it has bin, lib and something else
there, none of which are usually present in /home these days, even bin
is usually in /usr/local.


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