[TUHS] looking for HOSTS.TXT parsers and how is /dev/net/HOSTNAME enabled?

Lars Brinkhoff lars at nocrew.org
Fri Apr 19 14:03:12 AEST 2019

reed wrote:
> I am researching 1970's symbolic name to network address mapping
> routines.  I am looking for parsers for ancient (pre mid 1982)
> HOSTS.TXT. Since this is Unix list, for Unix is fine :)

I have those routines and parsers for the PDP-10 ITS operating system.
(I will just post this one off-topic message in this thread.)

> Well I cannot find a copy of the HOSTS.TXT file anywhere.  I am not
> looking for the RFC 810 (1 March 1982) or later format (which is
> easily found).

Here is a collection, but most of them are from after that date.


I was thinking SAIL must have had something, but I don't see any hosts
list from the 70s here:


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