[TUHS] 516-TSS, was re: Joe Condon

Mary Ann Horton Gmail mah at mhorton.net
Sun Apr 21 13:07:33 AEST 2019

The Honeywell 516 was the basis for the ARPANET IMP, which later became 
the ARPANET TIP (on a 316 by then.)  The IMP was the router that held 
the ARPANET together, the TIP an enhanced version that allowed terminals 
to telnet to hosts on the net.  This version of the 516 didn't run 
anything like UNIX.

Is it possible he got access via the ARPANET?  Or that somehow his 
access got confused with the ARPANET?

     Mary Ann

On 4/20/19 5:22 PM, Dennis Boone wrote:
>   > The page says that Joe "was exposed to UNIX on the Honeywell 516
>   > machines in the early 1970s."  This seems wrong to me.  We did have a
>   > 516, but it ran an experimental virtual memory system called 516-TSS.
>   > I lived on this system and still have some of the octal instruction
>   > opcodes burned into my brain-ROM.
> As a Prime 50-Series buff, I'd be interested in knowing more about this
> 516-TSS.  Pointers appreciated, if there are any bits, documentation, or
> war stories lurking about.
> De

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