[TUHS] [ANN] Utilities for 4.3BSD: set post-Y2K date, etc.

Dario Niedermann dario at darioniedermann.it
Fri Apr 26 00:11:06 AEST 2019

Hi! I am releasing 'datekit-1.0' for 4.3BSD-Reno:  a couple of free
utilities for setting post-Y2K date and time, plus timezone and DST.

Here's a brief outtake from the README, detailing the archive contents:

    the 4.3BSD-Quasijarus `date' program,  modified to optionally accept
    4-digit years, and default to post-2000 for 2-digit years [...]
    It can also:
        + set Daylight Saving Time: option -d
        + set a time zone: -t minutes-West-of-Greenwich.
                              Negative values for East.

    the `rdate' program ported from OpenBSD 2.0: it synchronizes your
    machine's clock  to that of  a remote host,  by connecting to the
    host's "time" service.

Man page for `rdate' and a Makefile for both programs are provided.

All of the above made and tested in 4.3BSD-Reno, on an emulated

Archive for download at:

Dario Niedermann.                 Also on the Internet at:

gopher://darioniedermann.it/  <>  https://www.darioniedermann.it/

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