[TUHS] Set-uid shell scripts

Dave Horsfall dave at horsfall.org
Sun Aug 4 17:36:44 AEST 2019

Is it just me, or did someone actually implement set-uid scripts?  I've 
proposed some silly things over the decades (my favourite is stty() 
working on things other than terminals, and guess what, we got ioctl() 
etc) but I have a vague recollection of this...

The trouble is, I've worked with dozens of Unix-based vendors over the 
years (some good, some not so much) and so I've lost track of all the 
stupidity that I've seen.

ObAnecdote: Just about every Unix vendor went belly-up shortly after I 
left them (under various circumstances), because the waste-of-space middle 
managers simply did not appreciate the importance of having a Unix guru 
on board if you're in the game of selling Unix boxen.

I'd happily name them, but I think the principals are still alive :-)

-- Dave

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