[TUHS] Set-uid shell scripts

Michael Kjörling michael at kjorling.se
Mon Aug 5 02:30:00 AEST 2019

On 4 Aug 2019 11:58 -0400, from jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu (Noel Chiappa):
>> until someone realised that you could do:
>>  ln -s /bin/scriptname ./-i
>>  "-i" # assuming that "." is already in your path
>> ...and get a root shell.
> I'm clearly not very awake this morning, because I don't understand how this
> works. Can you break it down a little? Thanks!

I'm guessing a little here, but could it be related to poor command
line argument parsing in some shell, where "-i" forces the shell to
start in interactive mode and the shell looks for parameters
_anywhere_ in its argv[] (including argv[0]), not just at argv[1] and

That would match the result described by Alec, and my modern dash's
man page does give that meaning for "-i", but it also feels like a
trivial bug to fix in the shell without prohibiting setuid scripts...

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