[TUHS] Running v10

Angelo Papenhoff aap at papnet.eu
Sat Aug 31 06:10:32 AEST 2019

On 30/08/19, Norman Wilson wrote:
>   Check out "Setting Up a Research UNIX System" by Norman Wilson. troff
>   sources are in v10.
> ====
> But that assumes you're being given a root image to copy
> to the disk initially, no?  We never made a general-purpose
> distribution tape; we just made one-off snapshots when someone
> wanted a copy of the system in the 10/e era.
> Is there a binary root image in Warren's archive?  I forget.

No we don't. Our hope would be to compile things from source and
bootstrap it from v8. I don't know the state of v9, I've seen it
emulated on a sun but if this helps with bootstrapping v10...
We also have sources for Doug's IX in history/ix...maybe that helps too
in some ways.
Or maybe someone who still has v10 running can help out.
I'd really like to see it running, wouldn't it be fitting for the 50th


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