[TUHS] Origins of PPP

Michael Kjörling michael at kjorling.se
Thu Dec 5 20:58:38 AEST 2019

On 5 Dec 2019 11:34 +0100, from pnr at planet.nl (Paul Ruizendaal):
> Not sure when PPP first appeared, but the linux man page for pppd
> has a credit that goes back to Carnegie Mellon 1984. First
> appearance in BSD seems to be FreeBSD 5.3 (2004), which seems
> improbably late (same source).

The FreeBSD man page archive indicates that client-side (user) PPP
goes back at least to 2.0.5-RELEASE.

It's there in 2.0.5-RELEASE at

It isn't there in 2.0-RELEASE at

However, 2.0-RELEASE has pppd at

Even FreeBSD 1.0-RELEASE has pppd at

The 1.0-RELEASE man page for pppd references documents as recent as
May 1992, which agrees fairly well with Wikipedia which gives the
release date for FreeBSD 1 as November 1993.

Certainly a lot earlier than 2004.

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