[TUHS] Signal/noise

Dave Horsfall dave at horsfall.org
Mon Feb 4 14:55:37 AEST 2019

On Sun, 3 Feb 2019, Bakul Shah wrote:

> I have said this before (or at least thought it!) but I, and I suspect 
> some others, think of TUHS much like comp.unix.wizards of the old.

That's pretty much how I think of it (until the filthy spammers trashed 
the joint, of course, there being no authentication in those days, because 
there was no need for it; if there was a problem child, you merely picked 
up the phone or sent a short email to the site admin: end of problem[*]).

> Though Jimmy >PAGE< would certainly fit TUHS :-)

Well done, sir :-)  Perhaps we need a list for Old-Unix-Lovers-Into-Rock?

With exceptions; one ISP merely had an auto-responder on their abuse 
address ("He's gone"), but that's OT (ask me privately, if anyone cares).

-- Dave, the anti-spammer Unix-loving ageing hippie

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