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>> Seeing as how this is diverging from TUHS, I'd encourage replies to the
>> COFF copy that I'm CCing.
>> On 02/06/2019 01:47 PM, Kevin Bowling wrote:
>>> There were protocols that fit better in the era like DeltaT with a
>>> simpler state machine and connection handling.  Then there was a mad dash
>>> of protocol development in the mid to late ‘80s that were measured by
>>> various metrics to outperform TCP in practical and theoretical space.  Some
>>> of these seemed quite nice like XTP and are still in use in niche defense
>>> applications.
>> $ReadingList++
> XTP was/is indeed very interesting.  It was adopted by US Navy for SAFENET
> and created by Greg Chesson who was active in the early UNIX community.
> Not sure if we have him here on this list though.

Sadly, Greg Chesson passed away a couple of years ago after battling cancer
for some time.

        - Dan C.
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