[TUHS] Happy birthday, 386BSD!

Ed Carp erc at pobox.com
Sun Jul 14 17:13:35 AEST 2019

On Sat, 13 Jul 2019, space aliens made Dave Horsfall write:

> 386BSD was released on this day in 1992, when William and Lynne Jolitz 
> started the Open Source movement; well, that's what my notes say, and

Not really. Bill and Lynne kept very tight control over releases - the 
word "open" didn't really apply to 386BSD, and there were many Open Source 
projects well under way before 386BSD was even conceived.

Under Linux, the process was a lot more "open", even democratic. One of 
the reasons I abandoned 386BSD early on and started working on Linux was 
because I (as well as many others) were very frustrated at the complete 
contol the Jolitz's exercised over 386BSD, and limited releases to one 
every six months - much slower than was generally considered to be 
acceptable for the long list of bugs and fixes in the pipeline.

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